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    The Obsession of Art

The Obsession of Art / The Spirit of Art

‘Art is like colorful sparks in endless bright light.
While dancing, they show the way to tempting distances
Where you find all……… as expected, beautiful and attainable’

The Obsession of Art started in1994 as an international art-house, exclusively representing well-respected international artists. The company strategy, including the selection of artists, is, based on

The ÍMU-principle®’.

I=Inspiration,  without meaning the artwork loses its power rapidly.

M-Mastership, the natural match of talent and craftsmanship

U=Uniqueness,  the artist, inspired by the unique soul and perception,  as creator of unique artistic experiences.

Heart of the show program is offered by solo and ‘Obsession-Collection’ exhibitions. In addition, concerts are held, as part of the ‘Art-in-Concert’ program. The Steinway Grand Concert Piano is standard equipment. For companies regularly events are organized for business relations and staff

This Obsession powers the driver for a continuous, worldwide search for unique, living masters. This includes intensive contacts with several well respected academies and visits to all major Art Fairs. In our two floors grand gallery we only show the works we believe in. With regard to talent, professionalism and remarkable strong inspiration.

This challenging, amazing, annual Art-event offers a unique opportunity to connoisseurs and all other art lovers to discover, often early in an early stage of the career, very promising artists.

We want to open the door to our world of The Spirit of Art and to welcome you in.

Yvonne and Joost van Zoelen

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