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    Anne Francoise Ben-Or


Anne Francoise Ben-Or (B/Is '65) 

Peace, security and inner peace are the necessary conditions for self-development and creativity. I want to show those circumstances artistically. In the most accessible way, so that people can identify with that energy, that feeling. For happiness and joy.

Anne Francois Ben-Or

She found great stimulus at the Jerusalem Studio School, with the famous master Israel Hersberg. Vulnerability and harmony are essential drivers for Anne Francoise. The vulnerability that enables people to live together in dignity so much better. The harmony of a world in peace. To show this profound message in her works she ‘snaps’ her subjects in the moments when tenderness of deeper inner experiences radiate in the most magical way. Her perception shows irresistible, again and again the pureness of each wonderful first discovery.

Bio: Anne-Françoise Ben-Or

Born Belgium (1965)


1997-2000 -Painting and sculpture - Israel Museum, Jerusalem  

2001-2004 –"Jerusalem Studio School", Israel Hershberg

Solo Exhibitions:

2020:" Reflection time "Rothschild Fine Art Gallery

2018:"State of Mind" Curateur: Varda Steinlauf, Rothschild fine Art Gallery Tel Aviv

2017: "Secret games" Rothschild fine art gallery Tel-Aviv.

2016: "Anne Ben Or Paintings" Artists' House Jerusalem. Curator Ron Bartos

            "New members" Artists' House Jerusalem.Curator Oscar Abush.

2015: "Defiance" Rothschild fine art gallery Tel-Aviv curator Irena Gordon  Accompanied by catalog

2012: "Intimate room" Zemack gallery. Tel Aviv. Curator Ktzia Alon.

2011: "tender" The Obsession of art, Holland                                                               

2010: "Transparent Flowers" Giv'at Ha'im Ihud Gallery' Curator-Hanush Morag

2008: "Becoming" Bernard Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator-Maya Moor. Accompanied by    catalog.                 

2007:  Wohl Centre, Bar- Ilan University. Curator-Guy Olami                        

2006:  "Christine Decuyper" Gallery, Brussels                                               

2005: "Echo" Bernard gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator-Maya Moor                       


Group Exhibitions:

2020 : "Corona Time" Art Gallery Gan Shmuel, Curator : Adi Yekutieli

           "Portrait" Salon Hacubia 2020 Curators Ella Cohen, Dan Orimian.

2019 :" Fresh Paint 2019"

2018 : "I to eye" The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Curator Shir Meller-Yamaguchi.

2017 : "BP portrait award 2017". National Portrait Gallery, London.

           "Summer arrivels " The obsession of art gallery. Holland.

             "Summer Exhibition". Zemack gallery.Curator Anat Bar-Noi.

2016:  "Art 16" London.By Rothschild gallery

            "Arti" tiroche Auction House. By Rothschild gallery.

            "Art on Craft" Tel-Aviv.Curators Esti Drori , Doron Polak.

            "Papers of value".Curator Liza Gershuni. Liza Gershuni gallery.

 2015:  "Women Of the Book" The first station, Jerusalem.Curetors Shoshana     

            Gugenheim, Dr Ronit Steinberg, Judith Margolis.

 2015: "Salon Hacubia" Hacubia Jerusalem. Curetors Ela Cohen, Dan Orimian                                 

 2014: "They paint flowers" Art salon Jaffa, Curator Amit kabesa.

 2013: "Fresh paint 6" art festival, Tel-Aviv Zemach gallery

            "Joy of life" The obsession of art gallery, Holland.

2012:   "2012" Zemack gallery. Tel-Aviv. Curator Ktzia Alon.

            "La Prabola  leri oggi domani" Curator Carmine Siniscalo. The museum of

             Israely art Ramat-Gan. "Summer exhibition" Zemack gallery Tel-Aviv.

            "Fresh paint 5" Art festival, Tel-Aviv.Zemack gallery.

2011:   "Two Hopes away", Museum Lehi, Tel-Aviv, Curator Revital Silverman Grun.

            "A Season in Heaven" Florentin Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curators Irena               

             Gordon & Gilat Nadivi. "Ee Mahut" Gerstein gallery Tel-Aviv. Curator Nurit TaL-Tenne.

2010 :   Salon d'art contemporain business art 2010 a' l'espace du Pierre Cardin     
2009 : "Childhood Stories ”. WhiteBox gallery, Munich.Germany Curator Yael Katz      Ben Shalom

            "Manofim project" Jerusalem "Close Watch" Curator Irena Gordon & Boaz Noy

            "Tableau Vivant" Artist House Tel Aviv Curator Nir Haramat

"Stories" Ein hod.  Curator   Naomi Hoss                                                                              

            "Whispers of nature" The Obsession of Art Gallery, Holland

            "Self Examination"   Hi-touch Gallery, Israel. Curator Dafna Naor

            "Primavera" Art Fair, Rotterdam, Holland

2008:   "New passions" The Obsession of Art Gallery, Holland.   

2007:   "The Obsession of Art Gallery", Holland                                      

"Art Laren" Fair, Holland                                                     

"Art fair" Maastricht, Holland                                            

"Primavera" Art fair, Rotterdam, Holland                         

"Open Air" Art fair, Holland                                               

2005:  "Saint Augustine", Germany                                                          

Sponsored by the "Kunstler" Gallery                            

2004:  "Work in progress" Art space Gallery Jerusalem.
           "Abstraction", French cultural center, Romain Gary, Jerusalem                                               

2003:  "Mabat Meshulash", Jerusalem Theater                                      

2001:   "Omanut Yozert" Cultural center, Jerusalem                             



 1997-2002:  "The Israel Stage Orchestra" Stage designer.