• Deladier Almeida 

    Solo exhibition

After much deliberation, I start painting. Then I free my paint brushes and  see what happens. Lots of things appear and happen. Without my conscious input. For me that is painting.

The most magical features of Deladier’s landscapes are the apparently  independent living creatures. As in the work of the Dutch master  Hieronymus Bosch (1450–1516).


Date of birth:            January 22, 1961 (BR)
Citizenship:               United States of America, Portugal

B.A. Art Studio, University of Calfornia at Davis
Studied painting with Wayne Thiebaud and Roland Petersen

Additional figurative instruction from:
Scott Burdick, Gregg Kreutz, David Lefell, Robert Liberace,Geremy Lipking, Michael Shane Neal, Carl Samson,Richard Schmid and Nelson Shanks.



  •             Caldwell Snyder                  San Francisco, California
  •             Coda Gallery                        Palm Desert, California
  •             Blue Rain Gallery                Santa Fe, New Mexico
  •             SmithKlein Gallery              Boulder, Colorado
  •             Sorelle Gallery                      New Canaan, Connecticut
  •             The Obsession of Art          Bergen, Netherlands