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    Fabrizio Pozzoli


Fabrizio Pozzoli was born in 1973 in Milan, where he currently lives and works. Besides his scientific studies, he boasts an experience as assistant scenographer. He attends various stages in the United States and England. He makes researches in the graphic and writing fields and is trained at the School of Comics in Milan, where he achieves precise abilities in the anatomical representation of the shape he will always be faithful to. Since the end of the nineties he works to tridimensional metal sculptures, created with iron wires, generally protected with silicon, but sometimes intentionally left to rust corrosion (plumb layers and mirrors). Between 1998 and 1999 Pozzoli lives in London and Windsor.

His exhibitions are frequently given a form of installations of various shapes linked by a common theme. In 2002 some of these shapes draw up on the inside or rise from architectural structures made of iron mantled with rust: they are the prodromes, in terms of study, of a wider conception of shape in the space as scene, that have recently resulted in the representation of theatre events around Pozzoli’s life-size sculptures. The iron wire is often accompanied by copper wire, with an increase of the dramatic imprint or as  indicator of the eye trips over the shape’s body. An increase of the luminaristic impact is also obtained by coating the materials with zinc.

From 2005 Pozzoli’s figures begin to rise in dimension: he creates some colossal heads and half length portraits, several meters high.

From 2007 he starts a contamination of his works, inducing the oxidation of the wire by rain.

In 2008 his personal exhibition “OVERSIZE” (Montrasio Arte Gallery, Milan) was accompanied by the precious photos that the supreme Maestro Gianni Berengo Gardin took while the young artist  was sculpting in his studio.

In 2009 Pozzoli lived and exhibited in New York for three months, at the Artists Residence HSF. He came third at the Premio Artivisive San Fedele in Milan. He appears in the catalogue “Gianni Berengo Gardin – Reportrait”, as one of the cultural figures of the XX century portrayed by the renowned photographer. This catalogue was correlated with an important exhibition that took place at Palazzo Penotti Ubertini (Orta San Giulio, Novara, Italy).

In 2010 the Austrian photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich took some pictures of Fabrizio Pozzoli among his big sculptures.

Fabrizio Pozzoli has shown his works in Europe, America and Asia.