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    Heiner Meyer (DE)

Heiner Meyer (DE '53)

Whoever (pre) judges deprives himself of future chances. Judgments block the challenges of any perspective. Challenges that bring undiscovered
qualities in the spotlight. Live optimistic and always let your smile debunk your judgment..

Heiner Meyer

Meyer’s works are present in important public and private collections. Heiner Meyer is exclusively represented in The Netherlands by The Obsession of Art.



BIO Heiner Meyer 

Born in Bielefeld

1972                    First solo exhibition at Galerie Bernhard Hüning, Münster 

1973–1974           Stay in London and Cadaquès 

1973                    Assistant to Salvador Dalí in Port Liggat, Spain

1977                    Begins study of fine arts at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste in
                           Braunschweig, at first with Profs. Hermann Albert and Lienhard von
                           Monkiewitsch, later with Prof. Karl Schulz and Prof. Malthe Sartorius 

1981                    Was named master student by Prof. Malthe Sartorius • recipient of Rudolf-Wilke
                           Prize of the City of Braunschweig

1982                    Art Prize of the Lottogesellschaft Lower Saxony • Prize recipient

1983                   Teaching position at HBK Braunschweig • marries Brigitte Worbs • sets up first
                           studio in Bielefeld

1986–1990         Teaching position at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld, Department of Visual

1987                    Ebernburg Grant of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate 

1993                    Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the State of NRW • completes many
                           projects for museums in the following years • three museums in the Eastern
                           Westphalia region simultaneously present overview of his work to date

1996                    Receives travel stipend for Japan from the Goethe Institute Kansai 

2004                    Move to a larger studio

2004                    Move to a larger studio

2011                    Making of first big sculptures 

2016–17             Four museums provide insight into his previous creative work

2018                   Award winner of "New Horizon“ BMW e3 Wundercar 

2021                   Presentation of the sculpture Red Heels“ Ludwiggalerie Schloss Oberhausen 

Until today          Heiner Meyer lives and works in Bielefeld