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Melissa Chandon (US)


Melissa imagines the daily environment as a sketchbook of and for life. With impressions as magic, intense experiences should be. Powerful, pure, emotional, meaningful and still full of open questions. Her paintings are like poems as short as they are pregnant. The aura of her work is poetic, inspiring and, for those who are willing to open up, challenging for the soul. Always with the strong suggestion; you are much more than you think to be!! Melissa is focused and goes straight for her target, limiting to the essence. In inviting and convincing simplicity.

Unmissable features; optimistic, convincing, intense, pure, mysterious, direct and accessible.


Melissa Chandon studied at Lesley University of Art and Design in Cambridge (MA) and deserved her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara (CA). Major galleries in the US regularly show her work in solo exhibitions. Melissa is exclusively represented in the Benelux by The Obsession of Art.