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    Robert Heindel

    (US / 1938 - 2005)

ROBERT HEINDEL (US / 1938 –2005)

One of the great contemporary masters. Modern expression coupled with classic professionalism. World-famous for his theatrical impressionistic oeuvre.  Starting point of Robert Heindel's artistic career is his work as an illustrator. While his star is rising the ultimate recognition is the citation in the book of ‘Greatest American illustrators of all times’ .

At the peak of his career Heindel decides to continue as a professional painter. Portraying the main values of life for an involved audience is his primary motive. These values: growth, respect, love, devotion and sacrifice are still the core of each of his paintings. And these values have also entwined him with ballet and dance. A crucial event in his life is when he is present at a training and rehearsal of Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nurejev in New York. Heindel experiences the intense battle of these two dancers with a complex choreography as an admirable outlook on life. He experiences the effort of these masters of the classical ballet which is defined by unequalled class, sacrifice, pain, perseverance, dedication, dynamism and intense passion for  professionality and perfection as the ultimate manifestation of everything he wants to share with the world. From that moment on, dance and dancers make up his story, his model, his purest metaphor. Heindel has worked with the leading dance- and ballet companies all over the world.   In the nineties  Heindel departs from dance to create an ongoing series of the challenging Painted Walls. Some resemble avant-garde stage backdrops, others show symbols, figures and basic patterns as an interwoven results of his conscious experiences and sub-conscious expressions of an intense emotional period in his life. Robert Heindel’s work features in the collections of a.o. : Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince Takamado of Japan, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Mr. Michael Crawford, Mr and Ms Robert Hendriks, George Lucas, Mr. and Ms Joost van Zoelen and Sir Anthony Dowell. And in the collections of The National Portrait Gallery (London), The Glasgow Museums (Glasgow), The Royal Academy of Dance (London) en The National Portrait Institute (Washington).

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