• Peter van Straten

    Peter van Straten (ZA)

22 March 2020 till 30 November 1999 Solo: Anne Dewailly (FR)

Solo: Anne Dewailly (FR)

My paintings are born while meeting the faces of the many muses in my world. Unfolding in the intimicy of my studio. As an eternal search, reaching out for wisdom.

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10 May 2020 till 24 May 2020 Solo: Lizette Luijten

Solo: Lizette Luijten

14 June 2020 till 28 June 2020 Solo: Eva Navarro

Solo: Eva Navarro

The introduction of Eva Navarro (ES)

16 August 2020 till 30 August 2020 Solo: Erika Toliusis

Solo: Erika Toliusis

New collection of Erika Toliusis

5 September 2020 till 13 September 2020 Art Fair Breda

Art Fair Breda

Participating Art Fair Breda. Booth 39

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