• LL Sure Me

    Lizete Luijten Sure Me Original oil painting 130 x 120 cm y 2023 


  • Lizette Zelf

    Lizette Luijten

    (NL - '65)

  • Being Tuned

    Lizette Luijten

    'Being Tuned'




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Lizette Luijten (NL'65)

Love, that's what life, my life is all about. Love shines in the subtle things. The tender gesture, that charming look. I want to show those expressions of love. By bringing them to light. To make love tangible. Because for me love means painting, living.

Lizette Luijten

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BIO Lizette Luijten 

Education : 

Masters in Drawing and Painting - Möller Institute        1989 
Tilburg Academy of Arts                        1995
Teacher Walburg College                    1989 – 1999
Composition drawing Dutch police                1999 - recently
Master Class Sam Drukker                    2005 

Looking at the works of Lizette Luijten, it’s undeniable that she paints, she creates paintings.  And yet…..while concentrating longer and deeper that concrete image is evolving to become a complete different perception. The familiar part of the picture, gradually and almost always unconsciously disappears, with the personal interpretation, into a cloud of strongly emotional driven experiences. As concrete manifestation disappears more and more to the background, it is replaced by the dream, the magic of perception. It’s the magic of Lizette’s meaning, the energy of what the image ultimately represents. The drama of the inevitable, the magnificence of the resignation.  And at the same time the power of love, the fulfillment of bonding.  By viewing the works of Lizette Luijten longer and longer, one opens windows, during  stormy weathers of feelings and inspirations to deep-emotional experiences, just  like that! 
The figures  in Lizette’s paintings lose their power of identified persons completely, like in the works of all great masters, to be replaced by the most exuberant power of the feeling. The emotions bound with values like respect, love, pureness and oneness.  The same values that search, often seemingly modest, the way to the recognizable, known being. In the ambiances of serenity, clear , without question. Undeniable forceful for every spectator, who is prepared to open up the oil coat and spread the tails wide open for  invitation. Vulnerable, introvert and yet with solid power, searching for the heart and soul of every one willing to truly meet.

All paintings oil on canvas, Studies oilpastel on paper

Main (solo) exhibitions/musea
Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam        2002
Art fairs Antwerpen and  Rotterdam            2002 - 2003
Gallery lijn 3 The Hague                    2003
Gallery Dorst                             2003
Gallery van Stijn & van Stijn Arnhem            2004
Kunstschouw Zeeland Gallery lijn 3,             2004
Gallery van Stijn & van Stijn,  Arnhem            2oo4
Gallery Anubis, Budelschoot (Limburg)            2004
Exhibition about the Netherlands,  Antwerpen        2004
Art fair Ahoy Rotterdam                     2004
Gallery lijn 3 , Den Haag                    2005
Gallery van Stijn & van Stijn, Arnhem            2005    
Gallery Partout Gouda,                    2005
Gallery Dorst                             2005
Gallery Maurice Vrolijk, Dordrecht            2005 
National Art Fair Rosmalen                    2005      
Gallery Catharina in Hillegom                2006
Gallery Partout , Gouda                    2006
Gallery Pictura , Aijen                    2006
Gallery Maurice Vrolijk , Dordrecht            2007    
Gallery Kunst + Co, Amstelveen                2006 - 2009
Gallery Partout Gouda                    2007
Art Fair Primavera Rotterdam                2007
Gallery Partout Gouda                    2007
Gallery Beeldkracht Scheemda                2006 – 2008
The Obsession of Art Bergen-NH                2009 - 2020