• PvStr FF

    Peter van Straten (ZA)

    'The Secret Rendezvous'

    Oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm
    y. 2018

Peter van Straten and Hieronymus Bosch, Dali, Ernst or Magritte

Paintings by Peter van Straten are part of the exhibition "Hieronymus Bosch in Africa’ by curator Sandra Hanekom during the renowned Woordfees Event in Stellenbosch, South Africa. For Van Straten it’s a kind of homecoming. Like when he would make a contribution to an exhibition of Salvador Dali or Max Ernst and René Magritte. The Peter van Straten work connects everyday reality with a reality that we find in the subconscious. They are the effects of our dreams that we shape in images with strong, true energy. In the works of Van Straten, the two realities masterfully interwoven into challenging and poignant paintings. Perplexing compositions with ambiguous perspectives suggest an infinite magic. Each work can be seen in thousands of ways, always creating the illusion of a new, not previously experienced reality.
Peter perceives his paintings as key memories in each house in which they revive. Memories of forgotten circumstances and emotions. Of the play and the naive wisdom of childhood. The secret, often almost sacred significance of ordinary things. The depth and meaning of silence, so often forgotten in the rush of everyday life.

Quote Peter van Straten:
"Any violent self-esteem requires equally intense hue. Self-mockery is an indispensable feature. In this time of growing self-centeredness I feel the urgency to bring this iconic images in the spotlight. It is reassuring to know that my passion will never be threatened by something as a destination, but the pure bliss is to paint the journey. "

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