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Marcello Malandugno (IT '65)

Alles in het leven ontstaat vanuit de eeuwige, natuurlijke balans. Die balans als energetische bron voor het bestaan. Vrouwelijk en mannelijk, groei en vergankelijkheid, geven en nemen, geest en materie. Al mijn schilderijen verbeelden die existentiële balans.

Marcello Malandugno

Zijn schilderijen, uitsluitend olie op doek, maken deel uit van toonaangevende internationale collecties. Marcello wordt in de Benelux exclusief vertegenwoordigd door The Obsession of Art.


Biography Marcello MALANDUGNO Nardo (LE) 

1983 - Exhibited at the "Premio Internazionale Villa Alessandra" in Pescara.

1984 - Awarded the  "Golden Lizza" in Marina di Massa.

1985/1989 - Group exhibitions: Artists Salentines to St. Catherine-Nardo

Contemporary Artists Gallery at "The Sea Hosanna" in S. Caterina-Nardo
Artists Gallery in Salento "Iris" -Nardò;
Staff at St. Catherine-Nardo.

1990/91/94 - Nominated an selected for the exhibition of Painting "The Slope" to Corato- (BA), a great honor for young promising artists

1992/93/95 - Award  with the "City of Gallipoli";

Staff at the Gallery "The Hosanna" Nardo by Marina Pizzarelli;
Received the "Medal" at the National Painting Competition "Città di Lecce" ..

1997 - Created two paintings commissioned by the Superintendent of Public Works for Puglia to the New Prison of Lecce;

Exhibition at the International Prize "Philip Salesi" at Villa Ormond-Sanremo.

1998 - One of the five winners of the artists painting "Carlo Dalla Zorza" at the Gallery "Red Bridge" in Milan;

Group expo at the former church "Madonna of the Rose" -Nardò;
Exhibition of Contemporary Art by INPDAP-Roma.

1999 - Exhibition in Manduria, Taranto "Testimony Art Ionic-Salento";

VIII Biennial of Visual Arts City of Veglie- (LE);
Expo Arte-Bari;
Exhibition of Small Format with vigils and Brindisi.

2000 - Group expo at the Gallery "Art Studio" Fasano-BR; "Carlo Dalla Zorza"

Milano-Bocconi University;
Group expo at the Gallery "The Hosanna" -Nardò by Massimo Guastella.

2001 - Contributed to several events of Contemporary Art, "Space Painting" Gallery "Red Bridge"-Milan; Gallery "Rectors Tribbio" Trieste Festival "Terra d'Otranto"Otranto and Naples; Solo expo at the "Mc Books Contemporary Art" of Brindisi.

2002 - Art exhibition "Young painting of the XXI century" -Mesagne (BR);

Group expo at the Gallery "The Gryphon" -Lecce;
Solo expo at Gallery "Esprit" -Sogliano Cavour (LE);
Solo expo Gallery "Paths of Art" -Casarano (LE);
Selected  to exhibit at the Award of Painting "La Portella" prov. L'Aquila;
Receives in Milan Gallery "Red Bridge" third prize "Carlo Dalla Zorza" Comune di Milano and Università Bocconi;
Sol expo’s  Gallerie "Juno Gallery" and "Gallery 49" in New York.


Group expo at the "Sala Club Freccia Alata Alitalia", Malpensa airport (MI);
Group expo at the Gallery "The Gryphon" -Lecce;
Art Exhibition "Words are stones"  Gallery "Art Trails-Casarano (LE) at Palazzo
Present at Gallery "The Gryphon" at the International Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art "Sconfinart" of Trento;
Exhibition  Art Studio "Dear Beltà" of Taranto and Roman Galleries at the "Phidias," "Lombardi" and "Pastel".

2004 - Group expo at the Gallery "The Collector" in Crotone by Giuseppe Parisi;

Solo expo  "Made in Salento", edited by Massimo Guastella, the "Space Frame" of Galashiels (LE);
The Gallery "Old Opera Romana" of Bari and the Gallery "Pastel" present his works at the National Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art "Vitarte" in Viterbo;
Two solo exhibitions at the Gallery "The Gryphon" by Giuseppe Parisi;
Group expo at the Gallery "Red Bridge" -Milan with text Adelio Carlo Galimberti;
First prize at the National Competition of Painting "Saverio Lillo" sponsored by the city of Ruffano (LE), the Province of Lecce, Puglia Region;
Solo at the XII International Congress of Mechanical Engineering at Villa Romanazzi-Bari;
Present with the Roman Gallery "Pastel" at the National Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art of Padua;
Solo at Gallery "Old Opera Romana" Expo-Arte "National Fair of Contemporary Art in Bari.

2005 - Multi expo at the Palace of the President of the Province of Bari, the Colonnade Room, Gallery "Old Opera Romana" critical text Raffaele Nigro.

Holland Art Fair 2005 the Haque
Solo  "The Obsession of Art"  Bergen – The Netherlands
Solo  Gallery of Contemporary Art "Pisacane" -Islan of Ponza;
Multi expo  "Art10Days Bergen," famous Modern Art Event  in the Netherlands.

2006 - Solo  "Water and Earth"; The Obsession of Art - Bergen – The Netherlands

Presented  at  "Holland Art Fair" (Netherlands-The Haque)
Presented at ‘Art & Antique Fair Salon Primavera" (Rotterdam – The Netherlands);
Participate in Fairs Bari, Viterbo, Parma and Verona;
Expo  at the "Carlo Dalla Zorza" ¬MI organized by the Gallery "Red Bridge";
Expo the Gallery "Tondinelli" of Rome
Expo "Silvie Paltini", "Saint Martin", "Coté Ocean," "Damon" and "De L'Estelle." FR

2007 - Presented at the "Fiera di Bari";

Presented at Árt & Antique Fair Salon Primavera’Rotterdam – The Netherlands

Presented at Art Laren Event– The Netherlands
Solo at  Gallery "The Obsession of Art" -Bergen (Netherlands);
Group expo at the Gallery "Studio 10" of Mantua;
Group expo  "The Memory of the Angel," series "Words are stones", organized by the Gallery "Paths of Art" -Casarano at "Castle Pio";

Multi Expo  at the Library of Helsinki (Finland) -Istituto for Culture Italian Art Structure; Exhibition at the Gallery "Red Bridge"-Milan;
Solo at  Gallery "Damon" -Poitiers in France.

2008 - Presented at ‘Art & Antique Fair Salon Primavera" (Rotterdam – The Netherlands);

Solo at Gallery "The Gryphon" -Lecce "Red Nativity"
Solo at "Mediterranean" the Gallery
Solo at "The Obsession of Art" in Bergen – The Netherlands

Invited to the XXXV International Prize of Contemporary Art "City of Sulmona."

2009 - nvited to the V of Sacred Art, Archdiocese of Lecce;

Solo at Gallery French "Silvie Platini";
Invited by Ancient Opera Romana, at XLIII National Congress of Notaries in Venice;
Presented at Contemporary Art Fair of Reggio Emilia.

2010 -  Contemporary Art Fair of Bergamo and Cremona by the AOR Gallery Bari-Rome. "Imagine" contemporary art fair - Reggio Emilia;

Presented at Arteverona" contemporary art fair - Verona.
Solo at  Gallery "The Obsession of Art" Bergen (Netherlands),
Solo at the Gallery "Camelù" in Rome.
Solo organized by the Gallery "Studio 10" St. Martin dall'Argine-
Mantua took the provincial exhibition space of "Castle Church";
Invited to the second edition of the international prize "Limen Art" by Giorgio Di Genova at Palazzo Gagliardi - Vibo Valentia with the presence of Vittorio Sgarbi.

2011 - Presented at BAF 2011 Contemporary Art Fair - Bergamo

Presented at Fair of Contemporary Art in Genoa
Presented at Arezzo Art, 2011 - Contemporary Art Fair
"Natural" solo exhibition at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, "The Gryphon" - Lecce. September solo exhibition "Myths of Man" by Paul Marzano
Solo at The Obsession of Art in Bergen Netherlands. "Effects of Color,"
Solo at Alberga Palace Oddo, "Brera art event" Red Bridge Gallery Milan, 54th Biennial Venice.

2012 - Presented at Arezzo Art 2012 - Contemporary Art Fair.

Solo "Power of perception," The Obsession Gallery of Art, Gallery – The Netherlands
Presented at Tondinelli Rome, sixth triennial d'Arte Sacra-Lecce.
Invited to exhibit at the XXXIX edition of Sulmona, exposes one of the thirty finalists Prize of Painting "Carlo Dalla Zorza" Red Bridge Gallery in Milan.

2013 - Presented at Fair Art Gallery PaviArt Kromatika - Bari,

Solo at Joy of  Life - The Obsession of Art Gallery – Bergen – The Netherlands
Solo at Castello Carlo V "Figure / figurations" - Lecce edited by Toti Carpenters presentation by Vittorio Sgarbi, Church of staff Castle
Mantova by the Gallery Studio 10 text Rossana Carpenters,
Presented at Art10Days Bergen – The Netherlands
Solo at  Gallerie des Brotteaux - Lyon (FR).

2014    Presented at Fair d 'Art of Bologna - Milano Red Bridge Gallery,
           Contemporary Artists - Affordable Art Fair Milano, "Work in progress"
           Solo  "Themes of Nature" and "Eyes of Brightness" at The Obsession of Art,