• The Measure

    Peter van Straten (ZA)

    'The Measure of a Soul'

    Oil on canvas y 2018

    120 x 90 cm

Teksten door Peter van Straten:


“Come Away with Me”

Come away with me.  

Away from the noise of other people’s purpose

Away from who we’re expected to be

Come away with me.


“The Playful Fates.”

He who recognizes the grace of the Fates

Is blessed

Even if – in their play –

They may frighten him half to death.



To see the dance to which every foot, breath and feather hint

To come to see everything as born from a universe at play

Wouldn’t that be 




On wings in an anchorless sky

On glistening surfaces 

Or in the quiet of the deep

What a gift to we the restless 

The mysterious realm of sleep.



“The Seer”

Shrug off the indulgence of adult weariness

Remember when your body was small and your curiosity active

And you used to to look right into things

Instead of merely at them


“The Great Connect”

Beyond her heartbeat

Beneath her breath

The silence

Of the great connect.


“The Dress.”

Not quite yet. 

Let me feel a little longer 

The air on my skin, and be

A little longer

Nothing more 

Than me.

“The Unerring Line.”

It is not unusual to pass through different worlds 

On this line.

Children and dreamers 

Do it all the time.


“Art vs News.”

Triumphant defence against the news

The darkness that is brings

Restoring hope to life and mind

The trumpets of the muse


“Secret Rendezvous”

In twilit quiet, waiting

For their secret rendezvous

Invisibly leaving their feelings

As the night will leave its dew.


'The measure of a soul'

Is the grace 

With which it carries

The burden of its love.


“The Mobius Strip”

Sometimes the view outside you feels just like the view inside

And who’s to say what’s real and what’s  ‘a trip’

When life and the mind are entangled

Just like a mobius strip.


‘’Reinvention of Romance"

Dance with me above the clouds

In a higher, wilder magic

Every now and again let's let 

The romantic eclipse the pragmatic



Title "Portrait of the artist in middle age."

Bless all those
Who have tried
To make this life
A little sweeter.

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