• To the young Gardener

    Peter van Straten (ZA)

    'To the young Gardener'

    Oil on canvas y 2020

    120 x 90 cm



Inspiration Thought by Peter van Straten


"How to be a Fish"

Being a child, being a fish, being a moon

All done with the same mysterious magic

That made the universe bloom.


 "To be held"


By the strength 

Of surrender.


"The Line"

Through your gap it comes to you

On your side of the line

Revealing what only you can know

While briefly confined by time.


"The Referee"

What bliss to be in the bath 

And oversee the participants

In a race of your own invention.


 "The Music of Life Plays On"

In the hearts of life's lovers

The music will always play on.


 "Holding On"

To what is living

To what is rooted

To what is real.

"The Moth"

The boat doesn't know it's a moth.

But she does.

She doesn't know that she's walking on Water.

But the sea does.


 "To the young gardener"

Don't let what others have done, are doing 

Ruin your beautiful plans.

Just focus on all the life that will grow 

From the soil of your own two hands.


 "Please Stay and Play"

Space pearl

What a thing to have found you

Tiny, fragile, precious world.


"Into the Future"

Running with mother and child 

Their destinies 

With yours




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