• Artists and their Work

    The Artists

    and their Works

The Artists

Andrea Padovani   Nick MountKathy Elliott & Ben Edols,    Lizette Luijten, Marco Klee Fallani 

Peter van Straten    Marcello Malandugno    Robert Heindel,   Fabrizio Pozzoli,   Walter DaCol,  

Peter Westcott,   Anne Dewailly,  
Anne Francoise Ben-Or,   Malgorzata Chodakowska,  Dik Nicolai


and their works

The artists and their works of art The Obsession of Art bases its selection on clear values of integrity, emotions and dynamism. Artists who are selected by the Obsession of Art have a number of the following values at their disposal:

· communicative
· positive
· full of emotion
· matching price – high segment
· figurative
· upright artists
· foreign
· communicable internationally
· colourful
· versatile
· moving

Works by new artists are shown in our annual “Introduction Show” held usually in May. A very select group of artists is represented exclusively and their work is shown in regular solo exhibitions and held permanently in stock.