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    Lizette Luijten

    A New Day

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    Anne Francoise Ben-OR

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The Obsession of Art uses two guiding principles for the selection of art and artists;

1) IMU® principle:  - Inspiration - Mastery – Uniqueness

2) Selection Specification Set:  
Optimistic - Impressionist - International - Contemporary - Moving - Refined - In balance - Connecting - Integer - Price worthy

Based on these principles, a select group of international artists has been brought together over a period of more than 25 years, exclusively represented by The Obsession of Art. This group is strengthened by adding 1 – 2 artists a year on average. As standard, a representative number of recent artworks is in stock from all artists. All artworks are presented in different types of shows; theme, overview and solo.

Purchase arrangement:
An individual purchasing arrangement can be offered on request. Conditions are; 1. Down payment (20%), 2. Monthly payment (maximum 10 months), 3. Interest-free.