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    Robert Heindel

    (US 1938 - 2005)

    Dynamiek van Hart en Ziel

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    Robert Heindel

    Dynamiek van Hart en Ziel

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Expositie '2015 - Robert Heindel Year'

Periode     Zondag 8 februari t/m zondag 15 maart.

Special Unieke verkooptentoonstelling met zelden getoonde werken uit de Rose Heindel collectie, private collections en zeldzame, origineel gesigneerde silkscreens

Uniek: Heindel op camera
We tonen  exclusieve video opnamen, niet eerder publiek getoond. Interviews met Robert Heindel en opnames van internationale exposities lees verder



Komende Evenementen

The IntroductionThe Introduction22/03 t/m 12/04
Solo Lizette LuijtenSolo Lizette Luijten19/04 t/m 25/05
Robert Heindel (US '38 - 2005)

Kunstenaar in beeld

Robert Heindel (US '38 - 2005)


Princess of Wales, Diana, Lady Di:

‘Experts hold your work in the highest regards, I know. But for me it simply succeeds in capturing the spirit of art’

Prince Norihito Takamado:
‘The figures in Heindel’s  paintings are in constant motion. Just as the dancer themselves never stop in their quest for beauty, so do the figures in his work incessantly move, vibrant with life’

David Bintley, Choreography Director Royal Ballet:
I’m constantly amazed and delighted that the greatest painter of dance since Degas should find such inspiration in my own work’

Andrew Lloyd Webber, creator of Cats, Phantom of the Opera, etc.
To Robert: No painter pictures dance this dynamic, serene and full of deep emotions. You are simply the greatest and I adore your work!

Rose Heindel, married to the artist for over 40 years:
‘The paintings are the metaphors of Bob’s soul values; growth, respect, love, dedication and sacrifice. Bob painted, above all, the deepest emotions of those human values. That’s why so many people cry, seeing his work’

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